Sunday, February 21, 2010

Luck, stuck and a truck load of money - 22nd February 2010

Here's a story which will have you rushing home to glue a gold coin to your doorstep.

A retired Sydney man who did just that after reading an article about feng shui became an instant millionaire thanks to a stroke of good fortune.

The ex-policeman, aged in his 50s, picked a winning ticket in the latest BoysTown charity lotto, netting him a luxury house on the Sunshine Coast worth more than $1.2 million.

And because he bought four tickets, which cost $15 each, he was given an extra prize - the choice between an Audi sportscar and $75,000 in gold bullion.

Feeling a tad old for the swish car, he took the gold and plans to cash it in for an overseas holiday.

The man, a bachelor who wished to remain anonymous, said he'd also sell the house - despite the lure of its views and nearby beaches - and use the money to pay off his debts.

He reckons his stroke of luck was all down to the gold coin.

Since gluing it in place in November, he's also won two lotto prizes worth more than $1000.

"I had lost a fair bit of money, so I thought ... why not!" he said of adopting the feng shui practice.

"I was pretty embarrassed about it at the time."

The man decided to enter BoysTown charity lottery draws after working as a policeman with troubled youth on the streets of Sydney's Kings Cross.

Money raised from BoysTown Lotteries funds its charitable services, which help people in need across Australia.

They include Kids Helpline, employment and training services, and homeless and domestic violence refuges.