Monday, September 21, 2009

Education Lottery Introducing New Game with a Lot of Flair

-Two Additional Instant Games Also Headed to Stores-

RALEIGH- Wooooooo! That’s the name and hopefully what many players will be exclaiming after winning prizes on this new instant scratch-off game. Wooooooo!along with Blue Tripler Crossword and Lucky Gold will all be in stores starting Tuesday, Sept. 22.

Wooooooo! is a $5 scratch-off ticket featuring world-renowned retired wrestler Ric Flair. The game has eight top prizes of $100,000 and over 500,000 prizes between $10 and $200. Players have 16 chances to win on each ticket, which represent Flair’s 16 championship belts.

The NCEL is pleased to be teaming up with Flair in its effort to maximize revenue for the education programs it supports. We believe the Wooooooo! game has the potential to attract new players.

Blue Line Tripler Crossword is a $3 ticket that features over $6.6 million in total prizes in the game. Those prizes include six top prizes of $30,000 and 60 second tier prizes of $1,000 plus much more!

Lucky Gold is a $2 ticket with eight top prizes of $25,000. It also features over $7 million in total cash prizes in the game. Players who scratch and reveal a “moneybag” symbol win double the prize shown.

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