Sunday, June 28, 2009

One in two adults buys ticket for $90m Oz Lotto Draw, by Xanthe Kleinig - The Daily Telegraph - 29th June 2009

Ten million tickets, $150 million in sales, a $90 million first prize - and a dream for every entry.

Australia's biggest lotto jackpot has officials expecting one in two adults in Australia to try their luck in tomorrow's OZ Lotto draw.

NSW Lotteries communications manager John Vineburg said punters' imaginations had been captured by the potential size of the haul.

"It's hard to believe but about every second adult in the country will be in the draw," he said.

Many will be hoping to improve their chances by buying tickets at "lucky" outlets. Others, figuring the odds will be in their favour, will head to hundreds of agencies that have never had a significant win.

Adam Schofield, 30, said yesterday he had a group entry with workmates.

Mr Schofield and partner Denise Souza, 30, browsed at the Ferrari showroom in William St in the city.

The pair would buy themselves an apartment and a sports car if they hit the jackpot.

But Mr Schofield wasn't getting too far ahead of his dream.

"I think there's a better chance on the pokies - and no one wins off those," he said.

Despite the small chance of getting all seven numbers (one in 45 million) lotto agents are bracing for a rush on tickets before sales close on Tuesday evening ahead of the draw.

To win, players must match seven numbers drawn from a machine.

Mr Vineburg said there was likely to be only one or just a few winning entries but the large number of syndicates entered meant the money could be split between any number of new millionaires.

The three luckiest suburbs in NSW, based on first-division prize wins over the past five years, are Cabramatta, North Strathfield and Chester Hill.

The unluckiest may be Greenfield Park, where a first-division prize of more than $3 million is still unclaimed 10 years after it was won.

You can enter from a single game for $1.10 to the popular 24-game Megapick at $25.30. The draw airs on Channel 7 about 8.30pm tomorrow. (Credit: The Daily Telegraph)

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