Friday, April 03, 2009

Online lottery in West Australia - 29th March 2009

West Australians are waiting for a proposal to reach the conclusion and submission to the provincial government soon to be accepted so they will be able to take pleasure in the convenience of Internet betting on state lotteries.

Lotterywest CEO Jan Steward unveiled to the West Australian newspaper this week that her staffs were completing up the final steps of a proposal for consideration by the state government within the next two weeks.

The plan is going to see all games except “scratch and win” tickets, such as Super 66 and the Soccer Pools available by visiting the Lotterywest’s website to click on the link. Customers are going to have to open a bank account first, in order to check the age of gamblers when in need. They would propose limits on the amount they plan to bet, and gambling on credit would not be permitted.

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