Saturday, March 28, 2009

Online Bingo Spending in 2008

26th March 2009

Research by one of the leading online bingo directories,, has found that online bingo is spending millions on television advertising.

In the report, focused on the amount of advertising done by major bingo operators, and the size of the online bingo market.

They found that Foxy Bingo was the biggest spender by far, contributing nearly a third of the industries annual spending at $3.27million. They were followed by new online bingo site, who spent more than $2.5million.

Whichbingo also found that there are now more than 230 online bingo sites in the UK, and the industry as a whole spent more than $10 million on television advertising alone.

Think Bingo, Party Bingo and Crown Bingo also added considerable amounts to the total, spending $1.09 million, $993,000 and $622,000 respectively.

The report suggests that the online bingo industry has a large budget when it comes to advertising, and also implies that sites are holding strong during all the economic doom and gloom.

It was however interesting that two of the largest bingo operators in the UK, Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo, where not on the list of big spenders, as neither felt the need to advertise on TV last year.

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