Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is 3D Online Bingo the Future?

18th March 2009

3D casino's are the latest innovation in the UK online gambling industry, with sites such as Le Croupier and Buzz Luck offering their players new realistic game play.

However is online bingo likely to take the same route? Could we soon be taking a trip to a virtual online bingo hall where you can walk around, play mini games whilst playing bingo? Well the technology is certainly available.

Powerful new software products have allowed online poker operator, PKR, to offer the best in 3D gaming. Features such as emotional actions allow players to behave in a certain way to try and fool their opponents. They can also buy clothing items from the PKR shop.

There's yet to be a bingo hall which provides this sort of game play, but the question is, would it really work with online bingo? Currently hundreds of sites are still packed with players who take part in 2D format games.

Some operators like Bet 365 Bingo offer live callers, shown on a video stream for users to watch. This way they can be assured that the balls called are completely random.

So, 3D software products could be the long term future for the UK bingo industry, but for the time, operators are performing well using platforms provided by the likes of Virtual Fusion and and Parlay.

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