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May 2008

Reader's Digest -

The Reader's Digest - website provides information about lotteries hosted by the magazine, as well as details of recent winners and prize lists. A fast mover in All Categories during the 4 weeks ending 10/05/2008, this website moved up 1835 places to rank 995 and increased its market share of visits by 204%.

Social networking website Bebo ( drove 44.28% of upstream traffic share to The Reader's Digest - in the week ending 10/05/2008, followed by email service Yahoo!7 - Mail ( and portal frontpage Yahoo!7 ( with 9.69% and 9.38% respectively. Of's total upstream traffic, 74.09% consisted of new visitors.

The Hitwise Lifestyle Demographics tool provides insights into households that have the propensity to visit competitor websites. Based on the 12 week period ending 10/05/2008, of the 11 Mosaic Australia 2008 Groups, 18.93% of traffic to came from 'Community Disconnect' users (older blue-collar workers and retirees in country and coastal locations) and 15.55% of traffic came from 'Family Challenge' users (mixed family forms with stretched budgets in outer suburbs). (Credit: Hitwise)

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