Sunday, February 08, 2009

Online Bingo vs Venue Bingo

Online Bingo is one of the fastest growing internet gambling games in the world.

Smoking bans has forced players out of their local halls and many, as a result, have taken up online bingo.

In principle the games are the same, but the experience is very different. Players buy cards online with a set of numbers and a computer randomly generates balls which are called out and marked off by players. Numerous versions of the game can be found online including 90,80 or 75.

Playing online can be considered very different. Players log in to their own private bingo account where they can deposit any amount of money. All users need is a PC, Internet connection and bank account, all of which the majority of households have.
Funds are then deposited by the click of a button into the players account and they can use this to purchase cards for games scheduled at a specific time. Some operators such as Party Bingo and Virgin Bingo have games taking place every couple of minutes others are more spaced out.

If a player wins playing online, the money is directly transferred to their bingo account which can then be withdrawn into their standard bank account.

Online promotions are also available which offer players cash bonuses, special prize games, monthly prize draws and much more. These are often a major attraction for new players who look to make the most of loyalty programs and specials.

Offline bingo has struggled for several years now, however some operators are introducing new sheltered areas where players can take part in bingo games whilst smoking and socializing.

Hitwise, one of the worlds most respected online measurement companies, reports that online bingo continues to grow in popularity, and many industry insiders are predicting that online bingo will soon equal the popularity of online poker, but the majority of bingo players will be female (up to approximately 70%), while online poker players are 80% male, 20% female.

Many gaming operators now have their own bingo portals, and the leading bingo operators such as The Bingo Affiliates have bingo broken down into geographic regions, such as Australian (Bingo Australia), Canada (Canadian Dollar Bingo) and France (Bingo Francais.Com)

More detailed information on the world of online bingo vs tradition bingo coming soon.

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