Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Gala Bingo fight the Smoking Ban - 4th February 2009

Hundreds of UK bingo halls have faced closure in recent years after the 2007 smoking ban was brought in to action. Companies such as Gala Bingo have been forced to shut several of their bingo halls after players numbers dropped and the increased taxation damaged revenues.

Several traditional bingo halls closed around the country and the industry's future looked bleak. However Gala have recently introduced new covered outdoor smoking shelters, which allow players to smoke whilst taking part in bingo games.

The Fenton Gala Bingo hall is one of the first to open the new shelters and managers hope to re-attract players ,who left due to the smoking ban, and get them back to playing live bingo.

The shelters will feature electronic bingo boards holding games with Jackpots up to £1000. Bingo halls have been in desperate need of upgrading and Gala are certainly leading the way for technologically advanced bingo gaming!

One major reason for people visiting and playing bingo at halls is the social element. Friends would meet up once a week play catch up with each other and relax playing a few games of bingo.

The smoking ban resulted in many leaving halls but shelters, such as the one built in Felton, hope to reintroduce the social attraction of playing bingo.

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