Monday, February 02, 2009

CAP bingo awards baffle industry

The 2nd Annual Casino Affiliate Programmes Awards, which were held last night in London, saw three winners in the bingo categories.

Two winners were widely accepted as being reasonably fair within the industry but most bingo insiders were left baffled by the decision to award Playtech the title of Best Bingo Software.

One bingo software rival said: “I could name six bingo software companies with better software than Playtech. They have hardly any licensees and their product is obviously not competitive in the market. To be frank, the judges must have been smoking something pretty strong to come up with this verdict.”

They added: “It's a shame because it definitely detracts from the overall credibility of the awards”.

The other winners in the CAP awards for bingo were Jackpot Joy/Market Ace for Best Bingo Affiliate and Bingo Port for Best Bingo Affiliate. Both of these awards were widely considered to be reasonable within the bingo industry and a fair reflection of the hard work put in by both sites over the past year.

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