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Bingo bloke Tanveer Ahmed's outrage at Logie 'injustice' - Sydney Confidential - The Daily Telegraph - 26th March 2008

Here's one for A Current Affair to gatecrash Seven's studios over: the No Bingo bloke reckons he's been dudded out of a Logie nomination.

Forget about unpaid prize money, Tanveer Ahmed reckons the real scandal out of Channel 7's shelved game show, National Bingo Night, was the ball girl getting a nom for best new talent on TV and not him.

The cult hero is not happy and he's talking tough to Confidential.

"The process of selection for Logie nominees must be called into question when the Bingo Commissioner (him) gets knocked back behind Renee Bargh, the ball girl," he railed.

"Realistically, the show flopped but the popularity and impact of the Bingo referee character (him again) was far beyond the short lifespan and lukewarm ratings of the program."

Over to you, Tracy Grimshaw. (Credit:

Greg Tingle comment...

Tanveer Ahmed might like to try his luck at online bingo, since Channel Seven ripped his bingo show off the air after the scandal surfaced. Did anyone believe that the bingo show he hosted was not rigged? I've got an affiliate program perfect for Mr Bingo. Tanveer, your welcome to pitch us here at Media Man Australia and Casino News Media - its TINGLE, not BINGO. This should be some good fodder for news media. As News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch says, "Big will not beat small anymore, it will be the fast beating the slow". Be watching for The Australian newspaper gambling feature, The Punt, coming this March.

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