Monday, December 22, 2008

Your Number's Up: Bingo Arrests - Sky News - 22nd December 2008

Six British tourists have been arrested and nine others released without charge for playing bingo in Turkey, say reports.

The holidaymakers were taking part in a charity fund-raising night when police raided the Pyramid Bar in the popular tourist destination of Altinkum.

The six men and women were questioned for several hours and then each fined £55, it is claimed.

Bingo is against the law in Turkey as it is seen as an unregulated form of gambling.
The raid was the second one in Altinkum in the past 15 months.

In the first one, seven British tourists were fined for playing the banned game.

The latest operation followed complaints that the bar was allowing gambling to take place on its premises.

The Daily Mail told how the arrests have angered regulars as the bingo was part of a charity night to raise money towards the medical expenses of a British woman recovering from cancer.

The event had been arranged by friends of Ruby Myerscough, 60, who moved to the resort from Burnley, the paper said.

Pauline Ellington, who has lived in Altinkum for three years, was quoted as saying: "I hope I don't get a criminal record for playing bingo.

"We have been hauled out of there as if we are common criminals. It is disgusting as the night was for a good cause."

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