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Bingo Keno by Virgin Games


Bingo is a game in which you choose to wager on randomly-configured bingo card of 15 numbers. Twenty numbered Bingo balls are presented, and your outcome is based on the number of matches that occur between your randomly-configured bingo card and the presented numbers.

To start, select either the same card from the previous proposition (even if he has never played before and a default initial card is displayed), or select a new one to wager on. You do not have the control of picking individual numbers, but rather pick an entire card of randomly-generated numbers by clicking the NEW CARD button. When a new card is displayed, the highlighting of the previous proposition's outcome disappears, and the numbers that are displayed on the new Bingo card are highlighted on the outcome board, as described above. Also, the actual Bingo balls that were displayed in the previous proposition disappear. You can continue to play the same card over and over, or you can choose to change the card by clicking the NEW CARD button again. This allows you to continue to change the card until you see one that you would like to wager on.

After you have selected your Bingo card and have placed your wager, click the PLAY button to initiate the proposition.

The proposition will not be initiated until the PLAY button is clicked, even if the maximum wager amount of 10 has been reached.

If you choose to play again with the same Bingo card and the same bet amount, simply click the PLAY button again. If you do not have sufficient credits to wager the same amount as the previous wager, the PLAY button will not be displayed until the wager has been lowered, or until funds have been deposited.

The playfield paytable lists the awards, if any, for matches of 1 out of 15, to 15 out of 15, based on the current wager amount. This paytable updates dynamically as you increase or decrease your bet.

Amount "Paid" (winnings) for last game. This displays nothing if a game is in progress. During a win (payout), this amount increments from 0 to the amount won on that round.

Amount "BET" for the current game, if a game is in progress. Displays the "LAST BET" amount otherwise.

The New Card button is only available prior to the proposition, not during.

Bet Up and Bet Down

The Bet up and Bet down buttons increase or decrease the player's wager.

These buttons are only available prior to the proposition, not during.


The Play button initiates the proposition. It can be used to bet a new amount and Bingo card, or to re-bet the same bet amount and same card as the previous wager. It is not displayed if the player does not have sufficient credits (as many as the previous wager), unless the wager amount is lowered, or funds are deposited.

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